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#1 2023-09-18 08:13:23

Mark Price
Howling at the moon

#2 2023-09-18 09:12:02

Mickey The Time traveler
Big fucking asshole.
From: The slums in West Hollywood.
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Re: How to please a woman

Not an expert in the subject. But I tell you one thing most females don't want you to stare at their hoe. They're really really shy about all parts of their body.  They sit there and obsessed if they think one of their tits are bigger than another. They also obsessive think there might be something wrong with their hoe.

So when you do it, you have to do it aggressively you have to do it with no hesitation. You have to do it like you really want it. That puts there shyness about it off long enough for them to start flopping around like fish. And ultimately gives them better orgasms.


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