Neighborhood Pub and Grill. First post Jan-4-22

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ginger warrior
2022-10-01 19:07:34
2022-10-01 19:04:46
Muh MAGA is an ape wrote:

this is totally proof that juice own the media

2022-10-01 18:04:58
Niggers are apes wrote:

this is totally proof that juice own the media

this is not proof of anything, Jews deny it.

Niggers are apes
2022-10-01 17:54:26

this is totally proof that juice own the media

2022-10-01 17:43:52

Well Lookee here.. It's on Jewtube... lol fag


2022-10-01 17:11:33

Funny lol

2022-10-01 17:09:07

Alex Stein identifies as a jewish faggot?

2022-10-01 17:02:40


2022-09-23 07:22:08

there's MANY people who EXPLOIT the situation the Jews create for money, but they know they can't name the Jews, they can analyze the problems, tell you things but if they don't name the Jews they are only confusing people , making them think it's NOT the jews because they aren't naming them, so they get to bilk suckers for money as long as their pay off the JEw, pay the Jew his cut.

Alex JOnes probaby doesn't get paid by the JEws, he probably pays THEM to let him make big Bucks

2022-09-23 07:19:35

who is that guy, luke who? Lou?

2022-09-23 07:10:25
ginger warrior wrote:

InfoWars is still there
If it ever disappears, it will be because Alex can't pay his Jews.

fixed it

what bills? what is the cost of talking into a microphone?

he rants everyshow for 4 hours about his bills, how much it costs to make a podcast, WRONG it costs NOTHING and he is just a fat headed antifa scammer

2022-09-23 07:08:35

Who was the guy being interviewed?

2022-09-23 07:07:27

LOL "we dont want THEM coming after us"  says the jew Alex Stein.

Dr Arkham
2022-09-22 22:56:31


2022-09-22 22:33:04

Great find.  Thanks.

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